The project is held by Olga Rasina Production Studio under support of Committee for Culture of St.Petersburg and Committee for Youth Politics and Cooperation with Social Organizations of St.Petersburg.
ORIENTIRY - is a constantly operating project which consists of successive contests for young artists held once in three or four months.

mission of the project:
- to realize the idea of promoting contemporary art into living quarters of every interested person;
- to direct people interested in art in their choice of works, which have high quality rating and good perspective;
- to promote young and talented artists on the art market.

contest rules:
The contest is aimed at young artists under 35, who have or receiving education in the sphere of fine arts.
Themes of the Contest are announced several times a year. Paintings and drawings are preferable.
The participants are free to choose style, technique and format of their works.
The works, first selected by the members of organizational committee of the project, are then estimated via secret voting by the jury a board of highly qualified specialists in the sphere of arts and art business. The winner is defined according to the maximum score. The results of the Contest are declared at an exhibition of the finalists` works. At the end of the ceremony the terms and time limitations of a new contest are announced.

The winner receives a prize of - 1000 $

The participants who reach the final receive diplomas.

To take part in the Contest an artist has to fill in an application form and to submit it to the organizational committee of the Contest.
The organizers do not give financial support at creating the works. Competitive works are not reviewed.
With the Contest completed the works are returned to their authors. It is provided that competitive works can be purchased.

competitive works estimation criteria:
- the originality of the idea and its compliance with the aims and the theme of the Contest,
- the level of the authors` artistic skill

organizational committee of the Contest:
Olga Razina the director of the project
Anna Ljashko project coordinator, working with the artists
Anna Makarova project coordinator, working with the jury

informational support of the project:
Olga Razina Production Studio
magazines: Russian Art, New world of art

The jury:
Albert Charkin, professor, Honored artist of Russian Federation, the Rector of Saint-Ptersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E.Repin.
Alexander Borovsky, Candidate of Culture Science, the Head of the Department of Contemporary Art of the State Russian Museum.
Vladimir Lenyashin, Doctor of Culture Science, professor, the Vice-president of Russian Academy of Fine Arts, the Head of the Department of Russian Painting of Late XIX-XX Century of the State Russian Museum.
Olga Osterberg, the Director of The Art Gallery D137
Vera Bibinova, the Editor-in-Chief of an art-magazine New World of Art
Olga Tobreluts, artist, professor of New Academy of Fine Arts
  The fourth young artists` Contest Orientiry

applications are accepted till 24 of August, 2008
the works are accepted 5-7 of September, 2008
rewarding ceremony will take place in October 2008
theme of the contest - RED AND BLACK

The theme of the fourth contest is quite strict and formal: the artists are suggested creating a composition on the basis of two colors: red and black. But at the same time, in the respect of its contents the theme opens possibilities of a large variety of its interpretations. Red and Black - is an archetypical binary opposition (life/death, the sun/the earth, blood/ground); as well as basic marks of culture ( colors of Argentinean tango, Spanish bullfighting and so on); and colors of state symbols (banners, emblems, state uniforms and so on). Red and black refers to games (playing cards, roulette), to rebellion, revolution; or has something in common with Stendhals novel (Le Rouge et le Noir) and suprematism of Malevich , rock music, etc.
The participants can suggest their understanding of the theme.

The artists are free to choose style, technique and format of their works. Paintings and drawings are preferabl

Vipaeva Natalia Meeting. The second place of the third contest Orientiry
(The first place was not awarded)

Vasiljev Nicolay Basil 1, Basil 2 The second place of the second contest Orientiry
(The first place was not awarded)

Maxim Klimovich The Two 2007 The winner of the first contest Orientiry


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